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Launch of sanitation campaigns established by National Mechanism for Prevention against Coronavirus

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Shaheed Al-Hafed, 23 March 2020 -  The sanitation campaigns was launched on Sunday at the level of the wilayas and institutions for the prevention from Coronavirus, established by the National Mechanism for the Prevention against Coronavirus.
The campaign, supervised by the Ministry of Water and Environment, with the participation of national, regional and local authorities and various security and civil protection agencies, includes waste collection, spraying and mass sterilization of all residential districts and neighborhoods, and markets, as well as cleaning of water containers and fences inside residential neighborhoods, and keeping them out of the domestic domain.
At a meeting last Thursday, the National Mechanism for the Prevention against Coronavirus revealed details of precautionary measures for prevention from Coronavirus, Either those related to internal procedures directed to citizens in refugee camps and liberated areas, or those related to contact areas and borders with neighboring countries. (SPS)