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Saharawi representative in La Rioja and the president of the Autonomous Community express commitment to strengthening cooperation projects

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La Rioja (Spain), January 22, 2020 (SPS) - The President of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, received this morning at the headquarters of the Autonomous Government the representative of the Frente POLISARIO in the region, Abdalahe Hamad Ahmed , with whom he addressed relations with the delegation and the initiatives promoted by the community towards the Saharawi people and their struggle for self-determination and independence.
During the meeting, the Saharawi leader addressed in detail the situation in which the Saharawi people live in the refugee camps and in the occupied areas, highlighting the difficulties faced by the Saharawis to continue resisting in their struggle.
The Sahrawi diplomat has expressed his gratitude to the institutions and people of La Rioja for their support and solidarity with  the Saharawi people, pointing out Vacation Program For Sahrawi Childern as an remarkable reflection of La Rioja support.
For her part, Concha Andreu has renewed before the delegate the support of the Riojan executive through the different councils and the contribution in different projects that are being developed for the benefit of the Saharawi people.
In another hand, and as part of the awareness-raising work, the Frente POLISARIO representative in the region highlighted in the interview collected by local media the importance of support and pressure from the Riojan institutions so that the Saharawi people can end their Long exile and can live in peace.SPS