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British Labour Party’s 2019 Manifesto pledges the recognition of Western Sahara people’s rights

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London (UK) 01 December 2019 (SPS)- The British Labour Party affirmed in its 2019 Manifesto that it will fully recognize the legitimate rights of the people of Western Sahara and support the rule of international law in international relations.
The Labour Party’s Manifesto gave an important space to the respect of the international law, criticizing the attempts by many international powers to weaken the rule of law in international relations.
On Western Sahara, Labour Party indicated that it will “recognise the rights of the people of Western Sahara”, considering that “Human rights and international humanitarian law are fundamental pillars of a secure global system.”
The Manifesto further indicated that “These principles are under threat. Some of the world’s most powerful states choose to sell arms to human-rights abusing states.”
Parties’ Manifestos, normally details the main political positions towards a variety of issues related to politics, economy, social affairs and others and play a major role in presenting to the British electoral body the visions of each political party and the priorities that will be adopted by the party once emerging as winner from elections.
It should be recalled that the UK is preparing for General Election that will take place on the 12th of December 2019.
Western Sahara suffers from military occupation of parts of it by the Moroccan regime of occupation, despite the recognition by the United Nations and the rest of the world of the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and independence.
The United Nations and the African Union have been trying since the 1960s to decolonize the occupied parts of this last colony in Africa, but they face continued obstacles from the French-backed occupying power in violation of international law. (SPS)
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