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Moroccan government is trying to mislead public opinion about USA position on Western Sahara (Saharawi Ministry of Information)

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Bir Lehlu (Saharawi Republic) 13 August 2019 (SPS)- Saharawi Ministry of Information confirmed in a communiqué issued Tuesday evening that the Moroccan government is trying to mislead public opinion about USA position on Western Sahara, in reference to a paid article published on Wall Street Journal Sunday, which is propagating some fallacies.
Following is the complete text of the Communiqué:
Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic
Ministry of Information
Moroccan official Press Agency MAP quoted “Wall Street Journal” affirming that "the U.S. has made it clear that Washington won’t support a plan that leads to a new African nation" ​​and that it supports a solution to the Western Sahara that favours Morocco's claims and allegations.
By using American journalist Dion Nissenbaum’ article published last Sunday on the pages of the mentioned newspaper, after a visit organized for him by the Directorate General of Moroccan Studies and Documents (DGED) under the cover of the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry, MAP went, as usual, in a distorted reading that has nothing to do with facts, and presented conclusions stated by the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister, as if they were the official American position, and thus made Mr. Bourita commit an act of impersonation of the position and function of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a shameful manner.
Regarding the statement that the United States supports Morocco in opposing an independent state in Western Sahara, we believe that journalist Dion Nissenbaum relied exclusively on his conversation with the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister and clearly stated that his source was Moroccan and Western diplomats only. He never stated that this alleged US position was issued by the US administration or any of its spokesmen.
On this particular point, Morocco is in a great dilemma because of the fact that the country it does not want to exist is indeed its immediate neighbour from the south and is an irreversible fact.
After three decades, Morocco has been forced, as everyone knows, to sit alongside the Sahrawi Republic in continental and international forums. It cannot abolish or reduce this fact by using a newspaper article or anything else, because the Saharawi Republic represents the will of a people attached to their right and sovereignty no matter what sacrifices it costs.
It is because of these aforementioned facts that the occupying power was forced to provide all kinds of services in every direction and buy lobbies in all parts of the world, but to no avail.
The unconcealed fact Rabat is trying to hide from Moroccans is that the international community does not and cannot recognize sovereignty to the Kingdom of Morocco over Western Sahara.
On the issue of security and stability in the region, all official and specialized international bodies continue to emphasize that Morocco's continued export of cannabis production, and thet fact that it is a transit country for drugs from South America are the main causes of the growth of cross-border crime in the North West Africa and Sahel region. Thousands of Moroccans are the primary sources that feed, finance and strengthen terrorist groups because of poverty, ignorance and deprivation suffered by Moroccan people.
The adoption of the policy of distortion of facts and buying off people, and the publication of paid studies and articles, will not change the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco is only an occupying power, and that the nature of its presence in parts of the territory of the Sahrawi Republic is an illegal occupation condemned to disappear sooner or later.
 That is the will of the Sahrawi people and that is their ruling.
Bir Lehlu 13 August 2019