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Parties, bodies and civil society associations reiterate support to Sahrawi cause

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Boumerdes, August 09, 2019 (SPS) - Representatives of several parties, bodies and Algerian civil society associations on Wednesday reiterated their unwavering support “to the Sahrawi people in their legitimate struggle to recover their independence and sovereignty.
These positions were expressed at the closing ceremony of the 8-day 10th Frente POLISARIO Summer Conference and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), held in the presence of a representative of the People’s National Counsel (Lower House) in addition to representatives of several Sahrawi ministries and bodies, ambassadors to Algeria, political parties, bodies and national bodies.    
This event is a venue for stakeholders to express their solidarity with the Sahrawi people to recover their independence, said President of the Algerian National Committee on support to Sahrawi people (CNASPS) in a speech.
President of Al-Moustakbal Front, Abdelaziz Belaid expressed his party’s unwavering solidarity with the just Sahrawi cause and unconditional support to the decolonization process.
President of El-Islah Movement, Filali Ghouini, said that the Sahrawi people "are not alone in their struggle" and that "Algeria and several countries and peoples of the world support their cause.”
He called on Sahrawis to be more patient and resistant to the policy of the Moroccan occupier until independence is restored.
The national coordinator of the Democratic and Social Movement (MDS), Fethi Gheras, said in his speech that "free people will never be defeated as long as they fight for their rights and freedom.”
The Adviser to the Secretary General of the Front of Socialist Forces (FFS), Chachou Hamid, said that freedom was the fate of the Sahrawi people, recalling that his party "always supports the oppressed and occupied peoples throughout the world, including Western Sahara.”
Representative of Jil Jadid party, Redouf Zakaria and member of the National Committee of Talaie El-Houriyet's party, Mustapha Zeghlache, emphasized the justice of the Sahrawi cause and the legitimate right to self-determination and independence in accordance with UN and international resolutions.
The same principles were underlined by representatives of the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulemas, Yahia Sabri and the International League of Algerian Elite Abroad, Boukherouf Mohammed, as well as President of the "National Association Adwaa, Noureddine Benbrahem and President of the National Union of Algerian Youth (UNJA), Rais Abdellah. SPS