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Morocco’s rejection of AU participation in peace process denounced

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Algiers, May 26, 2019 (SPS) - Sahrawi Ambassador to Algiers Abdelakder Taleb Omar denounced Moroccan occupier’s rejection of the African Union’s participation in Western Sahara peace process, saying that AU’s commitment to the core principles, particularly respect for the borders inherited after independence and the right to self-determination, was a pledge of peace and stability in the continent.
Speaking at a conference, themed "Western Sahara, last colony in Africa," organized Saturday, in Algiers, by the African Civil Society Parliament to celebrate Africa Day, Taleb denounced Morocco's persistent rejection of AU's participation in Western Sahara peace process," a position that undermines its media propaganda about alleged support from Africa.
During this meeting, hosted by the National Association of Youth Exchanges (ANEJ), the Sahrawi diplomat welcomed AU’s role in supporting the Sahrawi cause and Sahrawis’ legitimate right to independence.
The recognition of SADR by the African Unity Organization (OAU) as a full member country "is in line with the principles and the doctrine of the pan-African organization, "he said.
"Morocco, which accepted the principle of the referendum in 1981, keeps working against the decolonization of Western Sahara," he added.
"Africa remained on the same track, despite Morocco’s return, after 32 years of absence, when it realized it was losing and that Africa is increasingly assuming a vital role at the international level," said Taleb Omar.
"This return was an attempt, which has so far failed, to divide the States’ members,” added Taleb.
According to him, "the SADR was not only maintained as a member country but it was imposed in all AU’s meetings" which clearly justifies the policy’s failure.
Referring to the resignation of UN Personal envoy for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler, the Sahrawi ambassador reiterated the Polisario Front’s regret, noting that "the resignation circumstances showed that the Security Council did not take enough steps to bring Morocco to comply with UN resolutions,” he said.
In this regard, Taleb warned about the absence of Kohler, hoping that this vacuum would not persist and that the recently recorded dynamics will be supported by the Security Council to prevent resignations and thus the lingering of the conflict.
"We are ready to continue fighting until sovereignty is achieved,” said Taleb.
“Forty-six years of resilience is proof of Sahrawi people’s ability to continue the struggle for a just settlement in accordance with international law,” he added.
Reiterating satisfaction of the Sahrawi party with the extension, by six months, of Minurso’ mandate, Taleb considered that this decision endorses the referendum organization and the pressure exerted on Morocco to faster its implementation.
In the same context, he denounced "France's biased position in favour of Morocco,"
"Morocco continues to manipulate and lie to undermine the process of settlement," said Taleb.
By renewing the six-month term of the Minurso, the Security Council reaffirmed its commitment to continue supporting Western Sahara process, said the Sahrawi diplomat.
The position of the Security Council encourages Morocco’s intransigence, which undermines the already fragile political process, "said Taleb Omar.
Among the results emanating from this position, violations of the ceasefire and barbaric repression of Sahrawi people in the occupied territories.
"These Actions require a firm response that challenges the occupying state," he concluded. (SPS)