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Occupied Western Sahara, non-free territory

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Washington, Feb 07, 2019 (SPS) - - Occupied Western Sahara remains a non-free territory where the respect of political and civic rights is significantly declining, according to the non-governmental organization Freedom House.  
In 2018, the Sahrawi territories illegally occupied by Morocco recorded no progress in terms of democratic liberties, said the American NGO in its 2019 report on democracy in the world, presented Tuesday in Washington.
Freedom House gives a score of 4 out of 100 (4/100), one of the worst in the world.
The situation of liberties in occupied Western Sahara, under the Moroccan occupation, hasn’t improved, the territories get every year negative rating.
The report, which covers the democracy in terms of civil liberties and political rights, is interested, amongst others, in political pluralism and participation, as well as freedom of expression and rights of association.
Last year, Western Sahara recorded the worst scores in terms of civil liberties and political rights, accumulating 7/7 for these two indicators as well as for the indicator relating to the evaluation of freedom in general.SPS