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OOTT and Abroad Communities Ministry slams Moroccan authorities repression against Sahrawi masses in the occupied parts of Western Sahara

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Chahid El Hafed, Jan 24,  2019 (SPS) - The Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Abroad Communities has strongly criticized  of the Moroccan authorities' repression and harassment against the Sahrawi people  the occupied parts of Western Sahara, in communiqué issued by it  on the horizon of theThe King of Spain's upcoming visit to Morocco, a copy of which obtained by SPS
“The ministry expressed vigorous condemnation of the Moroccan occupation authority’s repression, harassment and siege of the masses of our people in the occupied territories and southern Morocco and Sahrawi political prisoners in Moroccan Jails” the Ministry statement confirms  
The communiqué reiterated its strong condemnation of the Spanish government's complicity with the Moroccan occupation, the last example of which was the handover of the activist Hussein Ould Bechir Ould Brahim to the Moroccan authorities on 17/01/2019.
It appealed all Conscientious people of the organizations and associations of the international community, especially Spanish and French, to reveal the complicity of their governments and their continued support for the Moroccan occupation regime.
The Ministry urged all Sahrawi in the Refugee Camps and in the Diaspora to sympathize with the besieged Saharawi people in occupied territory and southern Morocco.
"Spain, which colonized our land for more than century, continues its support to the Moroccan Kingdom occupation of Western Sahara in all international forums and decision-making centers, the last example was it support in the signing of the fishing agreement between Morocco and the European Union. SPS