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Parliamentarians, governments urged to mobilize for Western Sahara self-determination referendum

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Paris (France), June 24, 2018 (SPS) – The International Network of Parliamentarians for the Self-Determination of Western Sahara, which held its first meeting on Friday at the headquarters of the French National Assembly in Paris, called on parliamentarians and governments to strongly mobilize for the holding of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara.
"We call all countries, all the different inter-groups, friendship groups, solidarity associations and through this network to contribute to mobilize our parliamentary colleagues and our governments for the holding of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara," said the International Network in its final statement made public at the end of its first meeting.
The international network of parliamentarians for Western Sahara self-determination is a platform which is set to be a space of exchange and connection with the various inter-groups and associations supporting the self-determination of the Sahrawi people, and with the diplomatic representations of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).
It aims at bringing together parliamentarians from all over the world to reflect on Western Sahara question and to share opinions about the parliamentarians’ contribution to this matter.
The Network members said that they would remain "vigilant" to prevent "the plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources and lands by the occupying power, Morocco," recalling the non-self-governing status of Western Sahara and the inalienable right of its people to self-determination.
In solidarity with the Sahrawi political prisoners, they plan to gather information to strengthen the parliamentary work related to "this serious matter," and to coordinate certain parliamentary actions at the international level, such as the UN Committee on Petitioners during the plenary session of the UN Fourth Committee.
The International Network of Parliamentarians for Western Sahara Self-Determination, which will meet once a year, is chaired for one year by French deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq.
The network has been conceived on the sidelines of the European Conference of Coordination and Support to the Sahrawi People (EUCOCO) held on 20, 21 and 22 October 2017 in Vitry-sur-Seine. (SPS)