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Call for exerting pressure on Morocco to halt suffering on Sahrawi detainees on strike

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El-Aaiun (occupied territories), March 26, 2018 (SPS) - The League for the Sahrawi Prisoners’ Protection expressed deep concern over the critical situation of those prisoners in the Moroccan jails, calling upon all the international organizations to bring on pressure to bear on Morocco to stop the sufferings of the Sahrawi detainees on hunger strike and guarantee their legitimate rights as political detainees.
"Today (Sunday) is the sixteenth day of the unlimited hunger strike of the Sahrawi political prisoners in the Moroccan prisons of Kenitra, Ait Melloul and Tata. Their health is deteriorating because of the lack of medical treatment and serious dialogue from the Moroccan penitentiary direction," said the League in a communiqué made public on Sunday.
It also denounced that this "penitentiary direction rigorously rejects the legitimate demands of the strikers, notably their transfer to prisons in Western Sahara, to bring them closer to their families."
Besides, "the penitentiary direction puts pressure on those prisoners by depriving them from their rights included in the International Conventions and Treaties, chiefly the right to meet their families," added the League.
Recently, the families of the Sahrawi detainees of "Gdeim Izik" Group called on UN General Secretary Antonio Gueterres, to rapidly intervene to put pressure on Morocco to bring it to respect its international commitments stated in the charters, which guarantee rights and dignity to the Sahrawi political detainees. (SPS)