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POLISARIO condemns European Commission attempts to ignore the EUCJ judgments

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Brussels (Belgium), March 22, 2018 (SPS) - The Frente POLISARIO has condemned the European Commission's attempts to amend the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, in order to include the waters of Western Sahara, despite the decision of the European Court of Justice, that the waters of Western Sahara cannot be part of agreements with Morocco, in statement issued by Polisario´s representative at EU.
Mohamed Sidati, in this regard, has noted that the European Commission, demonstrated that it does not consider the legality and that it is an accomplice of the illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco.
POLISARIO, argues that the Commission's attempts coincide with the presentation, before the Security Council, of the briefing of the envoy of the UN SG for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler, which calls into question the EU's involvement in the search of a political solution to the conflict.
The statement has also urged the Commission to enter into direct and constructive talks with the Frente POLISARIO, as well as urging the EU countries to reject the Commission's proposals. SPS