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Moroccan occupation forces intervene violently against Sahrawi Unemployed in the occupied capital El Aaiun

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Occupied Aaiun, Jan 24, 2018 (SPS) - Moroccan occupation forces intervened violently against Sahrawi demonstrators, most of them Unemployed, on Monday, 22 January 2018, near the neighborhood of Maatal in the occupied capital Aaiun.
The group of the Sahrawi Unemployed organized a peaceful sit-in in front of the neighborhood of Maatahal before it was besieged by the Moroccan repressive forces that hastened to intervene against the demonstrators in the solidarity with them. lefting many of the casualties in their ranks. Some of them are critical. Sidi Saidi, Laroussi Faten and Omar Zidan, who were taken to Medina Hospital.
It should be noted that the Sahrawi Unemployed have been fighting for many peaceful forms of struggle for their right to live in dignity and to condemn the grave and dangerous depletion of the wealth and wealth of their people. SPS