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Japanese delegation expelled from occupied city of El Aaiun

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El Aaiun (occupied territories), Dec 30, 2017 (SPS) - Moroccan authorities on Friday expelled two Japanese university professors from El Aaiun towards Casablanca.
The two Japanese researchers, Akihisa Matsuno, a professor at Osaka University, and his wife Kiyoko Furusawa, a professor at Christian Women's University in Tokyo, arrived Thursday night in occupied El Aaiun, at the invitation of ASVDH to find out about the human rights situation in Western Sahara, and hold meetings with Saharawi associations and media.
The Japanese delegation, who was accompanied by ASVDH member Hassana Abba, was traveling to the headquarters of the Saharawi Association of Victims of Human Rights Violations by the Moroccan State (ASVDH) in the occupied city of El Aaiun, when they were arrested by Moroccan police who informed them to leave Western Sahara and proceeded to transfer the delegation from El Aaiun airport towards Casablanca.
Depuis 2014 presque 163 personnalités de 15 nationalités qui voulaient s’enquérir de la situation des droits de l’homme au Sahara occidental ont été expulsées de ce territoire dont le Maroc n’a aucune souveraineté, a indiqué l’ASVD. (SPS)
Since 2014 almost 163 personalities of 15 nationalities who wanted to inquire about the human rights situation in Western Sahara have been expelled from this territory of which Morocco has no sovereignty, indicated ASVD. (SPS)