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Sahrawi National Human Rights Committee strongly condemns Moroccan brutal intervention against peaceful sit-in of Dida Al-Yazid family

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Bahr Lahlou,  August 08, 2017 (SPS) - The Sahrawi National Committee for Human Rights has strongly condemned the brutal intervention of the Moroccan repressive apparatuses against the peaceful sit-in of the illustrious Father Dida Al-Yazid Family, voicing "its unconditional solidarity with the Dida family  fight for the right of the Sahrawi people Self-determination and independence ".
In a statement issued on Monday, a copy of which obtained by SPS, the committee expressed its "strong condemnation of the brutal intervention of the Moroccan repressive apparatuses against the peaceful sit-in Dida Al-Yazid family."
The statement also expressed strong condemnation of the occupation state's denials of its responsibilities to open an independent investigation into the burning of the home of the citizen Tomina al-Yazid and follow-up perpetrators in front of justice.
The Commission called upon a United Nations body originally mandated to protect Saharawi civilians through its MINURSO mission charged with organizing the referendum on the self-determination of the Saharawi people to shoulder their responsibility towards the occupied Western Sahara as a country that has not yet enjoyed the right to self-determination and independence
The Committee called for urgent steps to be taken to ensure the security and safety of the Saharawi citizens and to pressure Morocco to conduct an independent investigation into the crimes committed and to establish an independent international mechanism for the protection, monitoring and reporting of human rights in Western Sahara.
The Sahrawi National Committee for Human Rights expressed its deep concern about the deterioration of the human rights situation in the occupied territories of the Sahrawi Republic, in view of the growing pace of repression and the abhorrent practices that are contrary to all international norms and charters by the Moroccan authorities.
The family of Tumna Dida Yazid has been subjected to deliberate fire and theft of its contents without the intervention of the Moroccan authorities to search for the perpetrators and to investigate the subject, which shows the involvement of these organs in the process of revenge against the family because of their political positions demanding self-determination and independence. SPS