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French Deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq asks his government to abandon its position favorable to Morocco in Western Sahara conflict

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Paris, , August 03, 2017 (SPS) - French National Assembly deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq called on the French government to "play a more balanced role in the process of decolonization of Western Sahara and abandon its favorable position to  Moroccan Kingdom ".
The French deputy said during his reception to the delegate of the Frente POLISARIO in France, Ubbi Bushraya, that "due to the alarming situation in the region and the blockade of the peace plan, with all its implications on the security of the region , Morocco no longer needs support for its colonialist adventure, "said the deputy, who invited his country and the European Union to contribute to" the decolonization of Western Sahara. "
The newly elected parliamentarian, well-known friend of the Saharawi people, said that "the values ​​of the French Republic must encourage Paris to for the self-determination and human rights in Western Sahara and not vice versa," clarifying that "the sentences against Gdeim Izik's prisoners are proof of Morocco's disregard of international law and the neglect of France and Europe as regards the right to a fair trial."
For his part, the Saharawi diplomat congratulated the French deputy on his election, considering that "the latest positive developments at the level of Europe and the African Union, would allow to join forces that try to force Morocco to allow the organization of a referendum of self-determination And respect for the will of the Saharawis.
Finally, Ubbi Bushraya wished that "the 42 ECOCO in Paris will send clear messages to France and Europe, so that they collaborate with the UN and exert the necessary pressure on Morocco." SPS