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Saharawi NNRR Supervision and Protection Association states Morocco continues to plunder Western Sahara wealth

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Occupied Aaiun, August 03, 2017 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Association for the Supervision and Protection of the natural resources  has stated in a statement that the Moroccan occupying authorities continue their plunder Saharawi natural resources, in a clear contradiction with the international conventions governing the matter.
The Saharawi Association warned in its statement that "the Moroccan authorities use cargo ships that do not meet the requirements of international maritime navigation", and clarifies "that they do not have the system that exchanges the data of the ship with the rest of the ships or satellite stations ".
The communiqué issued by the Sahrawi Association includes the example of the "Philippine ship loaded with Saharawi phosphates, which deactivated the system of recognition off the Mauritanian coast, violating international agreements," the statement said. The most important standard for the safety of maritime navigation, as established by the International Navigation Agency, belonging to the UN ". "This Agency, stated in the agreement on 'protection of lives' signed in 2002, that all ships with cargo over 300 tons, must have the system of recognition,"
Finally, it is emphasized that the Philippine ship that left the occupied Aaiún appeared in Uruguay avoiding to pass through the Panama Canal and South Africa, to avoid its arrest. SPS