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Swedish delegation on visit to Sahrawi refugee camps

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Shaheed El-Hafed, July 9, 2017 (SPS) -  Swedish delegation of World Education started Saturday a visit in Sahrawi refugee camps that will last for 10 days.
The delegation will visit the wilayas and institutions of the Sahrawi Republic and meet with members of National Secretariat of the Polisario Front and SADR government, in order to find out about the situation of the Sahrawi refugees to raise awareness about their plight.
In this context, the delegation was received by the Secretary-General of the General Union of Sahrawi Workers (UGTSARIO), Salama Al-Bashir, and some members of the Executive Office of the Union.
The Swedish delegation expressed its admiration for the level of awareness among the Sahrawis and the good organization of life in exile, and declared its willingness to work with all groups of Sahrawi society. (SPS)