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Sahrawi Ambassador in Mexico is received by Mexican Pachuca province local authorities

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Pachuca, Mexico, June 15, 2017 (SPS) - The Mexican Ambassador to Mexico, Mr. Ahmed Moulay, received the highest honor from the Mayor of Pachuca, Mexico, Yolanda Thieria, in the presence of some of the authorities and staff of the municipality.
The visit of Sahrawi diplomat comes at the invitation of the mayor, with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations between the Saharawi Republic and the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, which is the capital of Pachuca.
The meeting was also held in the presence of local authorities, where ideas were exchanged about the new links that will be linked the Mexican state of Pachuca with the Sahrawi Republic, especially in the field of cultural exchange and tourism.
"The Mexican city of Pachuca has a rich heritage of culture, history, museums and tourist attractions, and the introduction of this heritage will be very useful for the Mexican state of Hidalgo," Mrs. Yolanda Thieria, Mayor of Pachuca, Mexico, said that bilateral cooperation between the two countries will produce positive results for Mexican and Saharawi citizens, especially in the cultural field and human rights. Speaking during his meeting on the history of the Saharawi people and the most important developments of the Saharawi issue and the course of the conflict in Western Sahara SPS