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Serious deterioration in health status of activists Hammadi Naciri, Kabal Jawda

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Smara (Occupied Territories), May 1, 2017 (SPS) - Human rights activists Hammadi Naciri and Kabal Jawda live in a very poor health conditions as a result of the complications of the unlimited hunger strike that they have been waging for 14 consecutive days to demand their legitimate rights.
In this context, human rights activist Hammadi Naciri fainted Sunday evening, which required transferring him urgently to hospital.  His colleague Kabal Jawda had fainted earlier as a result of severe fatigue and a sharp drop in blood pressure.
The activists of human rights started an unlimited hunger strike on April 17, to demand their rights and protest against the policy of forced exile, deportation and loss of livelihood by the Moroccan regime against the Sahrawi population. (SPS)