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Occupied El-Aaiun undergoes severe security siege

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El-Aaiun (Occupied Territories) 2 April 2017 (SPS) -  The Moroccan forces surrounded Saturday El-Aaiun, the capital of the occupied Western Sahara, by moving in massive military equipment from different regions, stationed in the outskirts and center of the city, said the Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Community Abroad.  
Dozens of military vehicles entered El-Aaiun coming from the military wall that separates Western Sahara and its people, where the Moroccan army is entrenched, distributed to different places in the city, as well as some rural areas in Ed-Shera and Fum-Elwad.
The Moroccan authorities often move in its military forces in conjunction with the visit of their king, however, the size of the forces that has been dumped in El-Aaiun these days is a dangerous precedent that added to the crimes of Moroccan in Western Sahara, said the same source. (SPS)