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Saharawi people issue is a issue of decolonization" (Academic Algerian)

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Boumerdes (Algeria), August 10, 2016 (SPS) - a professor at the University of Algiers, Dr. Saud Saleh stressed that the cause of the Saharawi people is the issue of the expulsion and decolonization in its lecture entitled "The Importance of lobby groups in the case of Western Sahara as the last colony in Africa" during the second day of the summer University of SARD executives.
The Algerian academic talked about the importance of lobby groups and its significant role in changing the political decisions by exerting pressure in various forms, calling the Sahrawi people to create more pressure in various ways in order that the international community holds the Kingdom of Morocco to comply with international legitimacy and enable the Saharawi people the right to exercise self-determination and independence.
Saud Saleh said that the international community was born for the defense of all the principles that guarantee peoples' right to exist and express itself, and so , adding that the United Nations must exert more pressure for decolonization of the last colony in the African continent, stressing on the other hand, that in the case Morocco became a member of the African Union that would mean admitting the existence of the Sahrawi state and will be forced to deal with, and will respect the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence. (SPS)