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UN: Seminar on decolonization of non-self-governing territories scheduled for Tuesday in Managua

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Washington (U.S.A) ), May 31, 2016 (SPS) - The United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization, “the Committee of 24,” will hold a regional seminar, Tuesday, in Managua (Nicaragua) to examine the situation of non-self-governing territories, including Western Sahara.
The ultimate goal of this three-day meeting is to accelerate the implementation of the third international decade for the eradication of colonialism (2011-2020) proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly.
The theme of the seminar will be the “commitments and actions for decolonization in the Non-Self-Governing Territories.”
The Committee of 24 will examine the situation of the 17 non-self-governing, taking into account the latest developments, and will evaluate the support brought to the UN system before submitting its conclusions and recommendations to the committee’s substantive session scheduled for June.
The president of the Special Committee, Rafael Darao Ramarez Carreao, from Venezuela, will chair this seminar which includes the participation of members of the UN regional groups, representatives of UN member States and those of non-self-governing territories, the civil society and Non-governmental organizations.
Despite the progress made in the fight against colonialism, there still remain 17 non-self-governing countries, where nearly two million people live. The UN continues its efforts to promote accession to self-determination or the independence of these territories.SPS