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UPES stresses need for mechanisms to protect journalists in occupied Sahrawi territories

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Chahid El Hafed (Sahrawi refugee camps), May 05, 2016 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Journalists and Writers Union (UPES) stressed the need to find mechanisms for the protection of Sahrawi journalists in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.
In a statement marking the World Press Freedom Day, observed 3 May every year, the UPES denounced the practices of the Moroccan occupying forces, which continue press freedom abuses in the occupied Sahrawi territories.
The Union hailed the role of Sahrawi journalists and human rights activists in the face of Moroccan repression "despite the policy of terror," imposed by the occupying forces.
It also denounced the deplorable situation of Sahrawi journalists in the occupied towns of Western Sahara, and underlined the need to "find mechanisms to protect them."
The UPES has strongly condemned the ban on journalists and international observers to enter the occupied Sahrawi territories to expose the repressive practices of the Moroccan regime against Sahrawi civilians.
The Union also expressed "unconditional support" to all Sahrawi journalists, reiterating its call to protect them.SPS