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Morocco’s unilateral decision to expel the civilian component of MINURSO is a continuation of its longstanding contempt for the UN (Emhamed khadad)

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New York, April 27, 2016 (SPS) – the Polisario Front Coordinator with MINURSO, Mr. Emhamed khadad said that Moroccan unilateral decision to expel 84 staff of MINURSO is longstanding comtempt to the United Nations during press conference on the eve of the next meeting of UNSC on Western Sahara in New York.
“Morocco’s unilateral decision to expel the civilian component of MINURSO is a continuation of its longstanding contempt for the UN and its efforts to provide for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, as required by all previous resolutions of the UNSC and the GA “.Polisario Front Coordinator with MINURSO says
Emhamed khadad  undelined that the so-called “crisis” was manufactured by Morocco to distract from its unwillingness to engage in meaningful negotiations on nothing more than a vote by the Saharawi people to determine their political future. If it happened in East Timor, why not Western Sahara?
“Today is a moment of truth for the Security Council.  We hope it won’t allow itself to be cowed into a non-response on this big challenge to its authority, and to the security and integrity of peacekeeping missions worldwide”. He adds
The Sahrawi diplomat stressed the need to include the full 15 in the resolution drafted not only the so-called “Group of Friends” is not good enough.  France and Spain are protecting the King for their own selfish reasons
He also stated that Morocco’s characterization of the UN presence and Saharawi self-determination as “threats to its national identity” fly in the face of international law.  No one country in the world recognizes Moroccan sovereignty in Western Sahara, and any connection was rejected outright by the ICJ.  No new “facts on the ground” change this clear legal reality.
Polisario Front Coordinator with MINURSO expressed its happiness to see AU Special Envoy Chissano brief the Council yesterday.  There is strong African solidarity in favour of the Saharawi people.  Morocco is the only African country not in the AU, precisely because it has isolated itself on WS.
He once again called the Council use tomorrow’s resolution to demand the immediate reinstatement of MINURSO to its mandated status quo ante, including by use of sanctions against Morocco, if necessary.  The resolution also needs to set a clear timeline for a return to the negotiating table, with a deadline after which the UN presence should initiate preparations for a referendum.SPS