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Western Sahara, one of the countries with most mines in the world

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Dakhla (refugee camps), 4 April 2016 (SPS) - With more than 9 million antipersonnel mines spread throughout its territories, Western Sahara is ranked among the ten countries with most mines in the world, with all that represent these deadly weapons for the Sahrawi people for several decades, but also for the environment.
According to experts and observers, about 7.5 to 9 million are implemented in Western Sahara particularly along the “wall of shame” and the Mauritanian border, besides a significant number of these mines, of which the cartography was mapped.
The Moroccan occupier mined all areas frequented by Sahrawis. According to the United Nations, 100,000 km² of the Sahrawi territories were affected by mines and unexploded ordnance.
Morocco laid anti-vehicle mines in and around the wall, besides the mined dikes inside the territories occupied by Moroccan forces from Boujdour, in the shape of crescent until Smara and the border between Morocco and Western Sahara, according to military experts.
The eleven most mined areas are notably the pastoral regions and villages such as Oumdrika, Ousserd, Tires, Guelta, Kayez, Seguia Al-hamra and Akouililet. (SPS)