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Aggravation of health state of Gdeim Izik prisoners, families protest in front of prison commission in Rabat

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Rabat (Morocco) 26March 2016 (SPS) - The health state of Sahrawi prisoners of the group of Gdeim Izik camp has deteriorated sharply as a result of the complications of the unlimited hunger strike they have been waging for 26 days, according to the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Community Abroad.
The Moroccan authorities responded to their legitimate demands with total disregard, which prompted the families of the prisoners to organize sit-ins to demand saving their lives.
Under the situation of indifference pursued by the prison administration, the health state of the hunger strikers continued to worsen, and among the critical cases recorded that of Sid-Ahmed Lemjaid, who suffers from an abnormal bulge in the limbs, and Bashir Boutengiza, who became vomiting blood, without transferring them to hospital.
The political prisoners on hunger strike suffer from pain as a result of the hunger strike such as decline in weight, heartbeat disorder, lack of sleep, constant nausea, chronic dizziness, and recurrent loss of consciousness, which indicate the deterioration of their health state.
The political prisoners of the group of Gdeim Izik camp have spent more than five years in detention, following a trial that lacked the requirements of a fair trial and considered by all the international organizations illegal, which issued harsh sentences against them ranging from 20 years in prison and life imprisonment.
Thirteen of them are engaged in an open-ended hunger strike since March 1. They are Mohamed Bashir Boutengiza, Sid-Ahmed Lemjaid, Ahmed Sbai, Mohamed Bani, , Ibrahim Ismaeli, Sidi Abdelah Abhah, Nama Asfari, Hassen Dah, Mohamed Bourial, Shaikh Banga, Mohamed Embarek Lefkir, Abdelah Toubali, and Bashir Khada. (SPS)