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Morocco maneuvered to block Tannock report at European Parliament, says Sidati

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Algiers, Sept 28, 2013 (SPS) - Saharawi Minister Delegate for Europe Mohamed Sidati denounced Thursday the Moroccan “maneuvers” to block the adoption by a European Parliament committee of the Charles Tannock report on the situation of human rights in Sahel and Western Sahara.

Hailed by the Polisario Front following its adoption Tuesday by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, the Tannock report will be submitted for approval and vote of the European Parliament in plenary session next October.

“A fact that should be stressed about Tannock report on the situation of human rights in Western Sahara and the Sahel, is that relating to the aggressive campaign in recent months by the pro-Moroccan and Moroccan lobbies insistently, even in blatant way,” said Sidati in a statement to “Al Mihwar.”

“At first, the lobby has tried to remove the issue of human rights in Western Sahara, from any debate in the European parliament,” he added.

According Sidati, this lobby “has tried especially through multiple maneuvers to avoid that the issue is the subject of a separate report of the European institutions.”

“As it could not reach that, the lobby has used another trick, which is to dilute the question of Western Sahara in the Sahel, to confound the parliamentarians, reduce the size and species, and thus obscure the true nature of the problem which is eminently a question of decolonization,” he revealed. (SPS)