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Member of Danish Parliament raises to his Government the decision of Morocco to bring the Group of Gdaim Izik before a military court

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Copenhagen (Denmark) January23, 2013- member of the Danish Parliament (Folketinget), representing the Red-Green Alliance Party, Mr. Christian Juhl, on Wednesday, addressed interpellations to Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Villy Sovndal, related to the intention of the Moroccan government to present before a military Court the 24 Saharawi human rights activists know as Gdaim Izik Group, who have been imprisoned in Salé prison, according to the Polisario Representation in Copenhagen.

The Danish Deputy asked about the position of his Government on brining civilians before a military Court.

He asked also on the possibility for Denmark through its Embassy in Rabat to attend as observer the trial of the 24 Saharawi human rights activists which is planned in Rabat 1st, February 2013.

It is to be recalled that Mr. Christian juhl has visited occupied Western Sahara recently and noting that   “The conditions in Western Sahara are unacceptable.

 “The Saharawis are harassed by the Moroccan government which is responsible for severe human rights violations against them.” he said  

“It is important that Western countries pressurize Morocco to ensure a referendum on the status of Western Sahara and the independence for Western Sahara.” he added. (SPS)