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Opening of solidarity days with Sahrawi cause at La Rioja university

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Opening of solidarity days with Sahrawi cause at La Rioja university

La Rioja (Spain), March 19, 2024 (SPS) - The solidarity days with the Sahrawi cause, hosted by La Rioja University in Logroño, were inaugurated on Tuesday.

The opening ceremony was attended by several regional parliamentarians from La Rioja, as well as numerous professors, students, Sahrawi political figures, and individuals from Logroño. Additionally, members of the Sahrawi community in La Rioja and its surrounding areas, human rights activists, journalists, and interested parties were present.

The university professors warmly welcomed the Sahrawi delegation, expressing their happiness in hosting solidarity days with the Sahrawi people at La Rioja University.

Mohamed Labat, the representative of the Polisario Front in La Rioja, expressed thanks on behalf of the Sahrawi people and government to the professors, students of the university, and the solidarity activists in La Rioja. He stated that these days would be a valuable opportunity to shed light on important aspects of the Sahrawi people's struggle.

A Sahrawi tent was set up in the university courtyard, adorned with the traditions of the Sahrawi people, pictures of political prisoners in Moroccan prisons, and the history of the Sahrawi struggle. It is expected that visitors will flock to the tent over the course of two days.

These solidarity days aim to inform the academic world with the situation of the Sahrawi cause and the long history of the Sahrawi people's struggle for freedom and independence in the La Rioja region.