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PLA is factor of stability in region (Minister of National Defense)

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Amheriz (Liberated Territories) November 24, 2018 (SPS) - Minister of National Defense, Abdellah Lahbib, highlighted on Saturday that Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (PLA) achieves security and stability thanks to its readiness, professionalism and thwarting of all schemes of the Moroccan enemy aimed at flooding the region with drugs and encouraging organized crime gangs to shake security and stability.
This came during the Minister of National Defense’s supervision of the inspection of the units of the 4th regiment of the People's Liberation Army.
The second day of the visit of the Minister of National Defense, which led him to this sector, was marked by inauguration of several facilities and inaugurating numerous facilities and laying the foundation for construction of others.
The Minister of National Defense, accompanied by the Commander of the 4th Military Regiment, inspected the corps and battalions in this sector and examined the various vehicles and weapons. (SPS)