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Popular and Public universities express its support to Saharawi people

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Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nov 22,  2018 (SPS) - The representatives of Public universities participating in the first Global Forum on Critical Thinking held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, expressed  their support to the Saharawi people by organizing a free and fair referendum to ensure their self-determination.
The representatives of the popular universities also expressed their solidarity with the University of Tifariti and voicing their back to it on its long and difficult path calling all intellectuals stand by the Saharawi people and support their young university
On the other hand, Mr. Jatari Ehmuda , Rector of the University of Tifariti, presented a lecture to a large group of academics, interested parties and students, in which he discussed the stages of Saharawi people's struggle for freedom and independence, focusing on the efforts that the Saharawi state has been giving to the fields of education.
Jatari Ehmuda has held several meetings with the delegations participating in this forum, including delegations from Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mozambique, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Chile ... He also met with Mr. Bouventura de Sosa Santos, coordinator of Popular Universities: Mr. Pablo Gentile Executive Secretary of Latin American Council for Social Sciences.SPS