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Wali comrades group Sahrawi political prisoners continue their hunger strike

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Bouizakarne Prison (Morocco), Sept 26, 2018 (SPS) - Sahrawi political prisoners, members of the group of El Uali comrades jailed in Bouizakarne  Bouzkarn prison went on their battle of the empty intestine where Naser Amancur has reached his 13th day of hunger strike, El Kantaui El bar his 10th day and Aziz Al-Wahidi in his 3th day.
The administration of the prison is continuing its psychological pressure behaviour against them by isolating them in solitary confinement, in addition to preventing them from using the phone, as was previously permitted., adding that they were subjected to a medical examination on Wednesday, Sept 26, 2018, where the test revealed that they lost a lot of their weight, according to sources inside the prison
On the other hand, the political prisoner Omar Baihini, member of the same group, started the battle of the intestines empty on Wednesday, raising the same demands submitted by his companions, according to the Association for the Protection of Sahrawi prisoners in Moroccan prisons in a telephone conversation on Tuesday.
The Saharawi political prisoners on hunger strike submitted a demand file to the prison administration to expedite the Court's cassation of the judicial file and to benefit from the continuation of their study in Master, as well as to improve the conditions of their detention inside the prison, it should be recalled SPS