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Western Sahara cause highlighted in Cologne,Germany

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Cologne (Germany),September 22, 2018 (SPS) - Western Sahara issue has been in the spotlight at the 16th African Film Festival held in Cologne, Germany, with the participation of four Saharawi movies and the attendance of French activist Claude Mangin Asfari and representatives of Freiheit für Westsahara, an association for solidarity with Western Sahara people.
It is the first time since its creation, the African Film Festival highlights the struggle of Western Sahara people.
In this respect, the event has shown "Tell Them I Do Exist," a movie about the struggle of a Saharawi human rights activist Naama Asfari, sentenced arbitrarily by Moroccan occupation authorities to 30 years in prison, and his wife, Claude Mangin Asfari, who has been campaigning worldwide to raise awareness of the situation in Western Sahara and get her husband released, the source said.
Saharawi human rights activist Naama Asfari was sentenced to jail by a Moroccan military court for his participation in the Gdeim Izik camp in November 2010.
Four Saharawi short films are taking part in the in this 16th edition, alongside 75 other African films, dealing various topics such as intra-African migration and the situation of human rights in occupied Western Sahara.
Claude Mangin Asfari is one of the 25 guests of honor of the festival (September 13-23). (SPS)
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