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Italy Parliament receives Saharawi children

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Rome (Italy), August 03, 2017 (SPS) - The Saharawi children of the 'Holiday in Peace' program who spend their holidays in Italy were welcomed by the Italian parliament on Wednesday.
The reception ceremony which took place in the Chamber and was chaired by the Vice-President of the Parliament, Marina Seregni, was attended by several legislators and media.
In her speech, the Vice-President expressed her "happiness for receiving the Saharawi cause in the seat of Parliament" and her "strong support for the struggle of the Saharawi people for freedom", before adding that "Saharawi children deserve a future Better in their country, where they can live in peace, democracy and enjoy their natural resources. "
Mariana Seregni, said that "the Saharawi people deserve to have a democratic state, where human rights, tolerance, peaceful coexistence of cultures and religions prevail."
The deputy of the Italian parliament and a member of SADR's group of friends, Giuseppe Romanini, demanded that "pressure be placed on the Kingdom of Morocco and all those who support its occupation, so that the conflict is resolved in accordance with international law" .
The delegate of the Frente  POLISARIO in Italy, Ammih Omar, who was accompanied by the delegate in southern Italy, Fatimetu Sidialal, thanked the parliament for receiving and supporting the struggle of the Saharawis, while reminding that "Morocco violates human rights , Illegally condemns Saharawi activists, and loots natural resources. "
It is noteworthy that the Saharawi cause enjoys great support across the Italian political spectrum and in society in general. SPS