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Morocco’s AU membership request, "major asset" for Sahrawi cause

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Algiers, January 24, 2017 (SPS) - President Sahrawi Brahim Gali said Tuesday in Algiers the request made by Morocco to join to the African Union was a “major asset” for the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, recalling Western Sahara and the Frente POLISARIO were determined to further entrench their diplomatic assets until the Sahrawi people enjoys the right to self-determination.
 “The request made by Morocco to join the African union, which includes SADR, a founding member of the pan-African organization, is a major asset for the Sahrawi cause, 32 years after Morocco left the Organization of African Unity following SADR's full member,” Gali said in an interview with APS.
“This process (Morocco’s request led to victory of the Sahrawi people, the Sahrawi cause and the African Union that requires member states to respect post-independence borders, member countries and their sovereignty while favouring peaceful resolution of problems, whilst Morocco occupies a part of the territory of Western Sahara.”   
In this regard, he stressed “the Moroccan system and media conduct a massive information campaign to try making the international public opinion believe that Morocco’s request to join the AU was a success not a defeat.”
The Sahrawi president expressed the hope Morocco's membership in the AU “will be followed by other daring steps from the Moroccan system, including the definitive recognition of SADR’s sovereignty over the internationally-recognized territory to achieve peace, security and stability in the Africa continent.”
“Moreover, I hope Morocco will contribute to the preservation of Africa’s unity through respect for the Constitutive Charter and country’s borders and sovereignty, including Western Sahara while assuming a positive role in the pan-African Organization ,” he added. SPS