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AU membership governed by clear criteria, without preconditions

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Oran, December 20, 2016 (SPS) - African Union membership is governed by "clear criteria" without "preconditions," said Monday in Oran African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security Smail Chergui, during a press conference held at the end of the 4th High-Level Seminar on Peace and Security in Africa.
"Any country seeking to join the African Union should consider itself like the other members with the same rights and duties," he added.
Chergui underlined that Africans have constantly reiterated the "importance of the Union as a tool for the protection of the continent and boosting its development," adding that "they are not ready to put this major organization in a delicate situation."
"We welcome any country that respects those criteria but not to the detriment of another State and without preconditions, because the laws of the Organization do not allow it."
The 4th High-Level Seminar on Peace and Security in Africa culminated in the adoption of a series of major decisions related to peace and security in the continent and for the strengthening of AU-UN partnership in the field.SPS