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Danish Parliament questions its government about Morocco’s recent violation of ceasefire in Western Sahara

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Copenhagen (Denmark),  24, August 2016 (SPS) – The Danish MP. Mr. Christian Juhl through the Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee questioned Monday the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kristian Jensen about Morocco’s recent violation of ceasefire in Western Sahara.
“Moroccan troops have crossed the border between the Moroccan-occupied territory of Western Sahara, and the part of Western Sahara controlled by the country's indigenous Saharawis of the Guerguerat area, near the border with Mauritania. 
The Moroccan troops thus, in principle, broke the ceasefire that has kept a tense peace between Morocco and Africa's last colony Western Sahara's liberation movement Polisario since 1991. 
What consequences does the minister believe the breaking of the ceasefire ought to have for Morocco? 
What does the Minister think that the EU and the UN should do in this situation? 
What steps will the Minister take on behalf of Denmark in regard to the resolutions of the Danish parliament on the Western Sahara / Morocco conflict? 
Does the Minister see this act as an aggravation of the conflict? 
What will it, in the view of the Minister, take to promote peace and the UN resolutions that promise Western Sahara the right to a referendum on the country's future?” MP Juhl Questioned the Minister. SPS