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The Ministry of Information: Moroccan misleading propaganda reflects its international isolation

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 Chahed El Hafid, April 06 2016 (SPS) - the Ministry of Information indicated on Wednesday that the Moroccan regime misleading propaganda reflects its unprecedented international isolation result of political bankruptcy and its struggle with the international community, in statement a copy of which obtained by SPS.
 “The Moroccan regime falsified the facts even against the European Union, its Court of Justice.” ministry of Information. Statement pointed out.
The statement stressed that the falsification of facts has become uncovered policy which the international community is no longer willing to accept and the clear example, the rapid response of EU mission in Rabat that confirmed the following facts:
European Union mission after its reading what Moroccan media spread regarding the decision to cancel the primary judgment of the European Court in the December 10, 2015, the said mission reaffirmed that it matter of publishing the text of the appeal essay made by the European Union Court Council on February 19, 2016, and published in the EU Official Gazette on March 29, 2016, therefore, there has been no ruling yet in this file.SPS