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A campaign to pressure the Security Council for Self-determination referendum in Western Sahara

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London, April 05, 2016 (SPS) - The British organization "Western Sahara Action Forum" (WSFA) Tuesday launched a campaign on Twitter, to pressure the UN Security Council to take measures to bring Morocco to hold a referendum in Western Sahara, especially after the expulsion by the Moroccan authorities of the civilian component of MINURSO.
The campaign launched by the Forum calls on all representatives of member countries of the Security Council to assume their legal and moral responsibilities towards the Saharawi people who suffers the Moroccan occupation for over 40 years, to set date of holding a self-determination referendum
WSFA also calls on all sympathizers parts with the Saharawi people to multiply the calls to members of the Security Council including France, Spain, the United States and Britain for "rejecting provocations of Morocco towards the fulfillment of the aspirations of Sahrawis to freedom and independence in accordance with international law."
Polisario Front representative Mohamed limam Ali in London said that in parallel with this campaign, a letter was signed by several organizations in different countries of the world demanding the Security Council "being intransigent Morocco's actions" after the visit of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in the liberated territories and the Saharawi refugee
"The stubbornness of Morocco is no longer tolerated, the Saharawi people suffered a lot because of the Moroccan occupation that has lasted for 40 years", says the forum which states that "no State, including France, recognizes in Moroccan sovereignty over that territory. "
the letter calls on the Security Council to set a date for the referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara in accordance with the cease-fire agreement between the Polisario and Morocco in 1991 and under which was created the MINURSO
The Saharawi diplomat said the message of the forum was signed by more than 30 international organizations that support the Saharawi people. (SPS)