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It is quite unacceptable that Morocco throws UN staff out of Western Sahara (Danish MP)

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Copenhagen (Denmark) March 25, 2016 (SPS) – In Press release issued Monday by the Danish Red-Green alliance Party MP, Spokesman on Development in the Parliament, Mr. Christian Juhl said:
“It is quite unacceptable that Morocco throws UN staff out of Western Sahara. UN peacekeepers are in the country with a UN mandate to monitor the ceasefire signed in 1991 between Morocco, Polisario and the UN”
“Danish Foreign Minister, Kristian Jensen and the EU must immediately condemn Morocco's actions and demand a cancellation of the expulsions. It is quite unacceptable that Morocco violates international rules and agreements. If Morocco continues this policy, it should have consequences for its trade with the EU.” Mr. Juhl added
“This case underlines the importance of the organization of the referendum in Western Sahara, which the UN for decades promised to do in the territory so that the people can choose between independence or autonomy and in that way the ceasefire can be developed into a genuine peace agreement.” further added Mr. Juhl.
Morocco has expelled more than 80 civilian employees of the UN force,(MINURSO) in occupied Western Sahara. It is a blow to the mission, the UN says.
The UN staff traveled on Sunday, sources said at the airport in Western Sahara's capital, El Aaiun and a journalist from AFP.
They included; the drivers, technicians and communications staff.
UN chief Jeffrey Feltman said earlier this week that the military part of the mission can not possibly do without civilian employees. Moroccan government have gone into a rage that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, recently used the word "occupation" to describe the Moroccan presence in Western Sahara. (SPS)