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Khatri Adouh reelected president of National Council

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Boujdour (Refugee Camps), 19 March 2016 (SPS) -  The members of the National Council (Parliament) reelected on Saturday  Member of the National Secretariat Khatri Adouh the president of this legislative body for a third term, in the presence of members of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front and SADR government.
The election process was supervised by Representative of the President of the Republic, SG of the Polisario Front, Mohamed Abdelaziz, in Charge of the political organization of the Polisario Front, Ibrahim Ghali.
In his speech on this occasion, Mr. Ghali expressed his satisfaction with the atmosphere in which the electoral process of the national parliament took place.
For its part, the National Committee for monitoring the electoral process of the Parliament presented a detailed report on the parliamentary elections and its final results, noting the renewal in this institution by 53%, 19% women and 32.69% youth. (SPS)