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My visit, an opportunity to see for myself forgotten tragedy

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Shahid El-Hafed (Refugee Camps), 6 March 2016 (SPS) - United National Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Saturday in Shahid El-Hafed that his visit to the Saharawi refugee camps was an opportunity to see with his own eyes a tragedy forgotten by the international community. In a press statement following discussions with Saharawi officials, as part of his trip to the region, Ban-Ki-moon said the visit was an opportunity to see for himself "the sufferings of Saharawi people and consider ways and methods to make a progress in the settlement of a conflict that has been lasting for more than 40 years." The UN chief stressed that he understands "the anger of Saharawi people" over the ongoing occupation of the territories. Ban said he will also go to the headquarters of the MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara), in Bir Lehlou (liberated Saharawi territories) to inquire about the UN agency's working conditions. He will also visit a United Nations mine-clearing unit in Western Sahara territories. Ban-Ki-Moon called the international community to increase the "aid for Saharawi refugees," adding that the international conference due to take place on May 1 in Geneva "will be an opportunity to ask for more aid to Saharawi people. Ban-Ki-Moon is on a visit to Saharawi refugee camps, as part of a trip to the region in order to relaunch negotiations for the settlement of Western Sahara conflict so as to allow Saharawi people to exert their right to self-determination. (SPS) 062/090/700