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Participating in Sahara-Marathon is another form of support to Sahrawi people’s fight

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El Aaiun (Sahrawi Refugee camps) February 24, (SPS)- The participants in the 16th Western Sahara marathon (Sahara-marathon) said, Tuesday, that their presence in this competition, which became traditional, is another form of support to the fight of the Sahrawi people for their independence and right to self-determination.“It is our duty to show solidarity with the just causes such as the Palestinian cause and the Sahrawi cause,” underlined one of the greatest athletes present in this competition, Daniel, who came from France.Many participants in this sporting event also expressed their “satisfaction and their pride” regarding their participation in the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), alongside the Sahrawi people.The French athlete said that the presence of more than 500 competitors from various nationalities is “a proof that the Sahrawi people are supported in their fight for their right to self-determination.”Also, Neus Cutando Pouill and Alba Juste Ballesta, two athletes who came from Valencia and Madrid (Spain) respectively, were full of praise towards this competition and its organizers, expressing in the same regard, their joy and enthusiasm to have taken part in this 21km-long run, linking camp of Auserd to the one of Smara.“The fight in Western Sahara is not only an armed fight. This marathon is another form of fight of the Sahrawi people. Our participation in this competition is another way to support the Sahrawi cause,” said Ballesta.The kick off of this 16th edition of the Western Sahara marathon was given Tuesday morning, from the refugee camps of Al Ayun, Aousserd and Smara.SPS About 500 runners from 22 countries including, the USA, Spain, France, Germany, Algeria (120 athletes), and the ocuupied Sahrawi territories (150 participants).125/090/700