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Sahrawi people declare their support and solidarity with USMA

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Sahrawi people declare their support and solidarity with USMA

Shaheed El-Hafed, May 1, 2024 (SPS) - The authorities and the people of the Smara province in the Mahbes district organized a solidarity march to express their appreciation for the stance taken by the Algerian Union Sportive de la Médina d'Alger (USMA) in the African Confederation Cup of Football. They hailed the team's "stand for truth, values, and the noble principles in line with the victorious November Revolution."

The event was attended by a member of the National Secretariat and the wali of Smara, Ms. Azza Babih, who affirmed, on this occasion, the support and backing of the people of wilaya of Smara, as well as the Sahrawi people as a whole, to the Union Sportive de l'Algérie. The team stood against the maneuvers of the Moroccan occupation and its expansionist ambitions, taking honorable positions that Algeria, the land of dignity and pride, has been known for throughout history, characterized by its support for justice and the oppressed all over the world.

The Algerian football family, led by the National Football League and Algerian clubs, has also expressed its unconditional support for the Union Sportive de l'Algérie, the sole representative of Algerian football in the CAF Cup, in the face of provocations and unsporting methods employed by the Moroccan Renaissance Berkane, which used jerseys bearing a fictional map.